Welcome to Kozy Acres Christmas Tree Farm and Apiary. 

Kozy Acres, LLC is a family owned and operated Christmas Tree Farm and Apiary (honey bee farm) by the Kozachyn family. We are of Ukranian descent in case your wondering. We have been raising honey bees for over 30 years now and planted our first Christmas Tree in the Fall of 1996. We started selling Christmas Tree's in December of 2007.

Although Christmas tree's require maintenance (mowing, shearing etc.) year round, our business is open an average of 48 hours per year. We open the day after Thanksgiving (black Friday) and every weekend until the weekend before Christmas. Our hours of operation are from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The apiary  is normally in operation during the Spring and Summer month's with sales year-round. In addition to the honey and beeswax obtained form the colonies, we also provide pollination and bee-removal services. Furthermore, in the Spring of 2010, we introduced a line of soaps and lotions made from the very honey and beeswax generated by the apiary operations.

The Kozachyn family would like to thank our customers (past, present and future) for all their patronage. We are often told that our busienss provide their families with much enjoyment which drives us to strive us to serve you better. We look forward to growing with you.

Best Regards,

The Kozachyn's


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