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        Truth be told, I really did not embrace the honey bees at first. However, soon after college, I saw this as an opportunity to spend time with my dad. Whether, working the hives or spending quality windshield-time (and some great stories) delivering bees for pollination, bottling the honey and selling the honey at the Ukrainian church in Cecil, NJ, that time will always be cherished.

        Although Dad slowly became less and less involved in keeping bees, I still keep hives on his property where he watches me work the bees from the deck of the house always quick to call me on my cell phone to tell me what I am doing wrong...and I welcome every phone call. 

         Thank you Mom and Dad, for moving us to South Jersey. They have raised 4 very successful children (Steve, Mark, Karen and Tricia). Kozy Acres apiary is now operated by my family (wife Lisa, daughters Kelly, Katie and Krissy and my son Stephen) and I hope to pass the "family business" onto them and my granddaughter Riley.

- Stephen Kozachyn III



Did you know a honey bee only lives for about 6 weeks during the summer and makes about 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey in that time...



       ​Apiary is another term for honey bee farm. Yes, we raise honey bees and have been doing so for over 30 years. As with most businesses, Kozy Acres Apiary started as a hobby. However, 0pportunity lead to growth and that growth has become a very rewarding business for our family.

We encourage you to explore the Apiary websites where we offer many informative and educational pages in an effort to increase your awareness of this very beneficial insect.

      People are often fascinated by the fact we raise honey bees. The question that always comes up (right after "do we get stung?") is, why??? The story is quite interesting. Our family originated in South Philadelphia. At the age of 10, my parents decided to move to Southern New Jersey in an effort to provide a better environment for their children. So, within a few months, I went from a concrete jungle and my friends to 10 acres with not a house in sight. Adding to the culture shock, my parents decided to get pigs and honey bees. In time, we ate the pigs but the honey bees survived. And yes, we do get stung from time to time but you get used to it....

Christmas Tree Farm and Apiary

3 Generations of Beekeeping

Stephen Jr., Stephen IV and Stephen III

Hives on a farm