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Swarm Removal

Honey bee swarms are nature’sway for honey bees to procreate and maintain the honey bees benefit to society. 

Swarms typically are not aggressive as they do not have a home to defend. Swarms are typically found hanging on a branch or we have even removed swarms from the outside of a mailbox.

Call us if you see a swarm. There is typically no

charge for us to remove the swarm.

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Weather they are hanging on a tree limb or have taken up residence in your house, Kozy Acres can remove them and provide them a good home at our apiary. We offer tow removal services...swarm removal and honey bee extraction (also know as a cut-out).

Honey Bee


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The honey bee is the only insect that produces food for mankind.

Sometimes, a colony will find an area of your home in which to start their new colony. Our removal service will locate the colony and safely remove that colony to our apiary where they can continue to produce honey and pollinate our fruits and vegetables.

We will come to your location free of charge assess the situation and offer an estimate to remove the colony.

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