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Friday, November 22, 2018

Kozy Acres is a family-owned and operated Christmas Tree farm with a focus on your family. Our tag line "We don't sell Christmas tree's, we sell family memories" says it all. We focus on making getting your Christmas tree the best experience you can have on a tree farm. You arrive on the farm to be greeted by our family. You can walk into the farm or take the free hayride to the center. There you will be immersed in thousands of trees to choose from. Once you find the "perfect' tree, we can provide you with a saw or have one of our 'elves' cut the tree for you. We will then load the tree on the hay ride, take it back to where you parked, bale the tree for for your convenience and assist in loading it on your car.

​Christmas Tree Farm and Apiary

        and Apiary


Kozy Acres, LLC is a family owned and operated Christmas tree farm and Apiary (honey bee farm). Our mission and values are one in the same...To provide a great, affordable family experience. The unusual combination of operating a Christmas tree farm and honey bee farm allows us the ability to provide our customers with a year-round experience. Regardless of the season, we are available for our customers.

Welcome to Kozy Acres!!!

        Christmas Tree Farm

Kozy Acres LLC is a family-owned and operated Christmas Tree Farm and Apiary with a goal of providing our customers with a family experience.