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​It is estimated that 1/3 of our food supply depends on the the Honey Bee...


Pollination Services

​Many farmers rely on the honey bee to pollinate their crops. It is estimated that, on average, the honey bee will increase a yield as much as 40%. Certain crops rely solely onthe honey bee for pollination such as Almonds. Whereas, blueberries and cranberries benfit a great deal from a hive. According to the American Beekeeping Federation (ABF), honey bees contribute $14 billion to the value of United States crop production.

Forced pollination occurs when honey bees gather pollen on their hairy legs and body by visiting the blooms. As they continue their journey to other flowers, more pollen is collected but some of the pollen will rub off in the bloom thus pollinating the fruit. Considering honey bees will visit 50 to 100 flowers during a collection trip and make several trips a day AND considering there can be as many as 25,000 workers bees collecting nectar, it's no wonder we've become dependent on the honey bee for our fruit and produce.


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